Linkfest:April 03, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Ambani brothers sign business deal (WSJ)

Cash rich Piramal set to invest in infra sector (ET)

Chinese threat to Indian car makers (Mint)

Court refuses relief to Mallya (BusinessLine)

Toxic Satyam stock lures investors (Bloomberg)

Asset allocation and the negative allocation factor (CapitalSpectator)

How do you get a quant job on Wall Street? (Quartz)

April Fool’s pranks were routine on US stock exchanges (Bloomberg)

A sweet spot for US equities (AswathDamodaran)

The skills most entrepreneurs lack (HBR)


Linkfest:April 02, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

All members of BRICS are slowing down (RuchirSharma)

Mallya sues banks for selling pledged USL shares (FE)

Samsung India gets tax notice (Mint)

What to do when you get a tax notice (BS)

India faces wheat glut (WSJ)

Deutsche Bank’s MD’s 9 Crore down the drain (MumbaiMirror)

15 Charts that should terrify Saudi Arabia (BI)

10 things financial advisers won’t say (MarketWatch)

Very few companies would hire Steve Jobs even today (SiliconValley)

Five really dumb money moves you got to avoid (WSJ)


Linkfest:April 01, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How politicians destroyed Meru Cabs (ShaswatDC)

JSPL acquires 31.49% in Gujarat NRE Coking Coal (MoneyControl)

Wipro,Siemens to exit Nifty today (ET)

What capital guaranteed products offer (Mint)

Financial plan for 2013-14 (BS)

What Naipaul got right and wrong about India (Bloomberg)

Short term shareholders are not looking out for the long term and vice versa (Dealbreaker)

Jim Rogers is buying gold coins from North Korea (BI)

Say it with me:Correlation is not same as Causation (BigPicture)

3 Decades after the attempted silver corner, Hunt is again a billionaire (Climateer)


Linkfest:March 28, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Last minute tax savings guide (Firstpost)

6 reasons why a recovery in telecom will not happen soon (ET)

Banks stare at MTM losses as bond yields surge (BS)

Whats happening in Cyprus and its implications for us (CapitalMind)

Profits from panic (ChetanParikh)

The most effective strategies for success (HBR)

Is the Yale model past it? (Rpseawright)

Best predictor of financial crisis:Huge inflows of foreign money (BigPicture)

How Ireland’s richest man ended up utterly bankrupt (IrishCentral)

Grooms at 18$ a piece fuel IPO hopes for Indian matchmaker (Bloomberg)


Linkfest:March 27, 2013

Wishing all readers a happy Holi. Some stuff I am reading this lazy morning:

Returns on PPF lower, but it is still worth it (Mint)

Realty companies offer smaller,cheaper homes to boost demand (ET)

New rules soon to curb insider trading, buybacks (BusinessLine)

17 year old sells smartphone app for 30 Million $ (BS)

Case study in financial planning (Subramoney)

Sanjay Dutt & the bendy bananas (Mediacrooks)

Bidders plan Dell’s future without Dell (Bloomberg)

The best stock picker I ever knew (JeffMatthews)

Is market timing dead? (MarketWatch)