Does tracking insider buying and selling work in India?

In theory, insider buying or selling is supposed to be a great indicator of future stock performance.

But I wonder if it works in India.In India, insiders (aka ordinary employees) are usually the last to know anything !!

Some real life anecdotes to illustrate my point:

1.Some friends worked in Financial Technologies when all it made was Odin Software.They got stock options in the 20/30 Rs range.As soon as the stock hit 100, almost all the employees sold their shares…thinking yeh sau se upar thodi jayega.Within a year or so, FinanTech crossed into 4 figures or more !

2.Another friend worked in WNS.He had a ton of stock options.WNS listed handsomely and once the lockin period was over, he had an opportunity to sell at 40$/share.He held on as he read a research report (!) which said that WNS would be the Infosys of the BPO sector.He got out a few years later around 9$/share

3.This is an example of classy inaction.eClerx provides KPO services to clients such as Lehman,MS etc.In the financial crisis of 2008, the stock was hammered out of shape and reached sub 100 levels.No one,not the employees nor the promoters bought their own stock in their own company which they know so well.Around 2 years later, the stock crossed 700 Rs !

These examples suggest tracking insider buying/selling in India is probably a huge waste of time.You are better off doing your own research and following your own processes.