An Invite

My family is conducting a Nagamandala puja in Jokatte, Mangalore on 24th-25th April, 2012.

Nagamandala is one of the biggest and most unique pujas which is conducted in and around Mangalore.

To quote:

Nagamandala celebration is usually considered to be the symbol of fertility and an embodiment of life-force. The celebration of Nagamandala employs music, dance, ritual chanting in Sanskrit and Kannada and possession of the head-priest.


Nagamandala is the Divine Union Of Male And Female Snakes. It Is Generally Performed By Two Priests. The First Priest, Called As Patri Inhales The Areca Flower And Becomes The Male Snake. The Second Priest, Called As Nagakannika Or The Female Snake Dances And Sings Around.


An Elaborate Serpent Design Drawn With Natural Colours On The Sacred Ground. The Ritual Is Supplemented By Playing An Hour Glass Shaped Instrument Called as Dakke. The Drawings In Five Different Colours On The Sacred Ground Are White (White Mud), Red (Mix Of Lime Powder And Turmeric Powder), Green (Green Leaves Powder), Yellow (Turmeric Powder) And Black (Roasted And Powdered Paddy Husk).


A Nagapatri  resides at the center of the activities and gets possessed somewhere in the middle of the ritual signifying the presence of the serpent spirit among the devotees.


The design of the Nagamandala is in itself an artistic feat. It is an elaborate pattern drawn in natural colors. Traditional and symbolic patterns hold the serpent image at the very center.


The dances take place around this design, the Nagamandala. The movements  includes  athleticism and grace. The entire experience ends up to be quite exhilarating.  A large quantity of Areca Flower (Pingaara) is used for the ceremony.


We are expecting around 25000 people to attend the ceremony.

I will be very much occupied with organising the puja and as such, my posts will be infrequent in this period.

I would want to cordially invite readers , in  and around Mangalore, to attend the ceremony.


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The coming service tax tsunami

The service sector accounts for 57% of India’s GDP (Source: GoI)

The Govt of India is all set to tax the living daylights of this sector.

In the last budget, Service Tax regime changed in a dramatic fashion-from a positive list it changed to  a negative list.So now all services (other than those in the negative list) will be taxed.

The Service Tax was also hiked from 10% to 12%- a hike of 20%

The govt intends to introduce the Goods & Services Tax (GST) soon in the next 12-18 months.Once the GST comes to force, the service tax will be hiked up to 16% (see here)

So effectively, in a span of two years, the service tax will be hiked from 10% to 16% an increase of 60%

From an investment perspective, this implies a high inflation regime and a negative outlook for the service sector such as hospitality, housing etc