Linkfest:Oct 30, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI facing pressure to cut rates (Moneycontrol)

India lays out deficit targets (WSJ)

Congress will use direct cash transfers as main weapon in 2014 elections (ET)

The case for building rental housing (Mint)

Compound experience not just interest (Abnormal Returns)

Stunning images of Manhattan under water (BusinessInsider)

The incredible shrinking half life of Central Bank Action (ZeroHedge)

Passive Asset allocation Vs the world (CapitalSpectator)

Sunk costs and investing (AswathDamodaran)

A Russian ship with 700 tons gold gone missing (NYTimes)


Myanmar:The biggest rice exporter in 10 years?

Myanmar reentering the global trade will result in many fortunes being made.There is no doubt about it.


Linkfest:Oct 29, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Robert Vadra’s Midas Touch is based on inside info (FirstPost)

Rise of the tiger nation (WSJ)

Vijay Mallya will not sell family silver for Kingfisher Airlines (ET)

Variation in mutual fund return numbers (OneMint)

Struggle of a chicken entrepreneur (Rodinhoods)

Vikram Pandit was given 3 choices that he could not refuse (NYTimes)

Argentina’s stunning pari passu loss (Felix)

A global growth trend in pulses (DailyReckoning)

Investor finds interesting way to kick John Paulson when he is down (Dealbreaker)

Two things that are never discussed in the financial media (TRB)


The youngest trader/hedge fund manager

A great watch…also shows the great American risk taking culture


Charlie Munger at Harvard Westlake School

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