Linkfest:Nov 12, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India is focusing on growth (WSJ)

Expect no sparkle on Dalal Street this week (ET)

Gold sales surge 30% on Dhanteras (FE)

Five insurance covers you should have (Mint)

Aban seeks a way out of its mess (BS)

Diwali picks of various brokerages (HarishNagpal)

10 reasons you should meditate (Rodinhood)

Jim O’ Neill is worried (BusinessInsider)

A Listers Only (TRB)

There is still a case for Gold (RonPaul)


Anil Harish explains the consequences of 700 bank accounts found in HSBC, Geneva

This talk was given in 13 Dec, 2011 at a MoneyLife Seminar. When I pay service tax for a game of badminton or to take my kid for a swim, I seethe at the unfairness at it all.We Mango people are crushed to pulp by the govt via taxes/inflation while the big fish get away with murder or worse.



Book Review:The Quants

This post is in continuation with my Book Review series (see here)

The book “The Quants” by Scott Patterson chronicles the rise of quants on Wall Street.

I especially liked the section on Ed Thorp.Ed Thorp found a way to price options way before Black Scholes did. But he kept his mouth shut and used his techniques to make money in the markets !

The author discusses in detail some of the great quant funds-Citadel,AQR Capital,LTCM etc

Some of the anecdotes in the book are simply great…there is one of how quants put an end to the legendary Liar’s Poker game in the trading halls of Solomon

Would recommend this book for those readers who want to know more of the quantitative side of trading.


Site Review:Report Junction

This is continuation of my Site Review Series (see here)

Unlike other sites that I have reviewed, Report Junction is a paid site.

Like the name suggests, the site stocks annual reports of various Indian companies.

Most Indian companies have an “Investor” section on the website which lists annual reports over the last few years.But for a dedicated researcher who wants the last 10/15 years of annual reports, this facility is inadequate.

This is where Report Junction steps in.You can search for a company’s annual report by year and even have a free preview of it.

I have bought annual reports on the site myself and found it to be a fast and hassle free experience.

The charges are fairly reasonable ranging from 99 Rs for 1 annual report to 2500 Rs for 100 annual reports.

Check out the site for yourself !!


Weekend Mega Linkfest:Nov 10, 2012

Some interesting offbeat reads for the weekend:

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Two tales of Mitt Romney’s post campaign treatment of his staff (VanityFair)

The graded, ranked and non negotiable guide to every Bond song (Atlantic)

Denial has poisoned the GOP (NYMag)

Uncovering the truth behind the myth of Pancho Villa (Smithsonian)

Before and after Hu (ForeignAffairs)

The five people who won the election for Obama (Slate)

Nostalgia: Tinkle Tinkle Little Store (JaiArjun)

Inside John McAfee’s heart of darkness (Gizmodo)

How to handle a tyre burst (TeamBHP)

Owners like low stock prices (SeekingAlpha)

Speaking of metaphors (FundooProf)

Whats troubling India?(KennethRogoff)

The restaurant industry’s invisible men (MumbaiBoss)

How Moscow University discriminated against the Jews (NewCriterion)