Ranaji Maare

Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank sent out a startling series of tweets today

This somehow reminded me of a lovely song called Ranaji from the movie Gulaal whose lyrics can be changed to suit the current situation

Haayeee ranaji maare gusse mein aaye,
Aiso balkhaaye, agiya barsaaye,ghabraaye marro chein,

Ranaji maare…

Ranaji maari Kotak, Puri ke taane,
Ranaji maare Romesh, Ahuja ke baani,
Ranaji thaape bhoot paret ki chaaya,
Haiii ranaji thaape ill bill jinn ka saaya,

Ranaji maare..

Heyyy Board ko dear bole, Beti ko Family Office bole,
Maange hai extension badi, maange hai salary badi,
Maange hai kursi badi, stock badi,
Jaise NPA ki, jaise NPA ki,
Jaise NPA ko ignore ke ban gaye HDFC Bank

Ranaji maare..

Ranaji Madhu ko Bank se bhagaye
Pooche to bole unfit hai haii
Ranaji bole mujko de do extenstion
Mujko De Deo Extension, haii haii haii
Kyunki yeh dil maange more,
More RBI ,more RBI ,more RBI

Ranaji maare..

Bank to beech bajariya haii badnaami ho gayi,
Bank to laal chunariya, saram se dhaani ho gayi,
Bank to dhak dhalk howe, jo jo beete re,

Jaise har ek baat pe, jaise har ek baat pe,
Jaise har ek baat pe bina kisi ke RBI peeche pade
Jaise bina baat Investor ka, jaise bina baat Investor ka,
Baj gaya bhaiya band,
Jaise bina baat Investor ka baj gaya bhaiya band,

Ranaji maare…

The original song can be viewed here:



The Bella Casa Song

(To be sung to the tune of Pink Floyd’s Money)

Money, get away
Float a SME IPO and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

Its so easy, learn from Guptajee
Listed a Co called Bella Casa on the BSE

Priced the IPO at Rupees Fourteen
Just a few months back in Sept Two Thousand Fifteen

No one cares for P/E,P/B you see
Whats some money for fans of Guptajee

Co is doing ok, still alive
But the stock price is up times five

Now adding some mystery to this mix
Guptajee buying his own shares at Rupees Eighty Six

Putting in IPO proceeds more than times two
His company was so valuable, who knew

Adding some fun to this saga
Come Charandeep Singh & Varun Daga

From Girik.Strike a Bell?
They have taken some warrants as well

Money, get away
Get pally with a SME promoter and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash