Linkfest:May 11, 2012

Some stuff I am reading this morning:

JP Morgan’s shock 2 Billion $ loss is taking down the markets (BusinessInsider)

A desperate RBI asks exporters to bring back their forex earnings (BusinessLine)

Promoters who have pledged the maximum shares (Moneycontrol)

Chidambaram defends his son over scam allegations (WSJ)

Exports may halve in FY2013 (Mint)

Jerry Rao goes deeper into budget housing (BusinessStandard)

RBI Watch:Monthly bulletin May 2012 (RBI)

How can you expect to ‘rely’ on Reliance? (GauravBlog)


The Gold Test

Gold has breached its 1600 $ level causing its fans and investors plenty of heartbreak and losses.

In an interesting article way back Sept, 2011, Bill Bonner argued that:

Gold has had a spectacular 11-year run. It’s time for a rest for the metal…and a test for the metal lovers. That’s just the way it works.

Markets and lovers always test their admirers. Gold should be giving its fans a test…before moving in the final stage of the bull market.


A test here means a 50% retracement from its peaks…that’s around 1200$ levels.

If such a scenario comes to pass, both Muthoot and Manappuram will be slaughtered further in the markets.

Sovereign Debt:A modern Greek Tragedy

A great presentation by the St.Louis FED


What was that again?

In fact, in my entire career, I have not seen retail participation being so badly reduced in terms of their equity exposure and their sentiment. I think they have been completely washed out.-Nirmal Jain,Promoter of IIFL said in an interview


Chart:And they all fall down

Most countries saw their peaks happen in mid-March 2012 (more here)