What was that again?

“Indonesia looks like it has hit the sweet spot, whereas India is nursing a headache from its latest boom,” says Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research at HSBC in an article titles “Will Indonesia replace India in the BRICs?”


The fall of Adani

The Indian markets are unique in the sense that companies having the same promoter are often considered as a “sector” or a “pack” even though the underlying businesses are quite different.

Now the entire Adani pack is hitting their 52 week lows

Stock Latest Close 52 Week Low
ADANIENT 239.95 239.95
ADANIPORTS 114.9 114.9
ADANIPOWER 50.15 50.15

Chart:Commodities fall to their lowest level since 2010

Commodities have fallen to their lowest level since 2010 (more here)


Guru Speak

β€œIn many instances, value investing proves fundamentally uncomfortable, as the most attractive opportunities frequently lurk in unattractive or even frightening places.”-David Swensen in his book Pioneering Portfolio Management


Linkfest:May 15, 2012

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