Weekend Mega Linkfest: 05 January, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The World as our Oyster (Dr S Jaishankar)

2024: Conflicts to watch out for (Crisis)

On Russia-India ties (RT)

What I feel about the ‘Bharat Narrative’ (Global Times)

The Great Wall against China (Open)

Houthis drag India into Red Sea crisis (ORF)

The long fall of the Slavic nation (Engelsberg)

Israel’s Gaza withdrawal (Cradle)

Pakistan-An Israel without America (Tribune)

Cash on Delivery fraud in Vietnam (ROW)

South Africa’s Brave New World (PSmith)

Kissinger’s Corrosive Policy (Asia Nikkei)

Travelogue: Wayanad & Calicut (Team BHP)

When coffee needs buttering up (Mint)

Thread: Lajja Gauri (Shiva)

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