Alpha Ideas crosses 50 Million Page Views

Alpha Ideas has crossed 50 Million Page Views.

Thank you, dear reader, for your continued patronage of this very simple blog.

Am reminded of these lines by Majhrooh Sultanpuri :

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर
लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया

Any suggestions to improve the blog is most appreciated and welcome.

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Many Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Majrooh’s lines are very apt for your achievement. Please keep up the good work to enrich our knowledge and readership.

Congratulations! Thank you for the blog, links, weekend reads and the detailed presentations, filings, report,concalls, etc highlights. It’s always a pleasure to go through your updates, especially as someone who entered in late 2018 as a hobbyist and is now seeing how investigative you need to be with companies.

I think actual views would be much more since there would be people like me who don’t open the blog and only read the email updates!

Keep doing the good work! Much appreciated!

Many congratulations and thank you for all your hardworking which makes us readers quite easy to read and learn only the best. Many more miles to go…please keep it up!

Many many congratulations. I start my day with your blog and coffee. All the best to you for the next 50 million.

Hearty Congratulations !! % 5 million page views is really incredible. Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge.

Hi Nitin, congratulations on your achievement! I’ve been following this blog since 2014.

During this time, I’ve found your weekend mega linkfest to be incredibly useful – the themes of politics, global affairs, alternative opinions, travel etc. have been vital in improving thinking and exposure – these are immensely helpful from both professional and personal standpoints.

On the above lines, I have a suggestion:
– Request you to kindly expand the blog to include these themes even on the weekdays.
– A couple of links in the weekday linkfest on the above themes (on the lines of the weekend linkfest) would be deeply informative and interesting!
– This would be especially helpful to understand national and global events and narratives which have strong implications even domestically.


What a fantastic job you are doing sir for the investment community. Your emails are very timely and will full of insightful links!! Thank you Rao ji, looking forward to join you for a beer or whisky (my favorite) 🙂

Sir-Very good.I am always reading Alfa regularly and happy to read it.It is now habit for ma.

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