What 200 Year Returns Look Like

Source : Puru Saxena

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When I see this after 2 years… When Raamdeo Agarwal of Motilal Oswal gave his best idea you Delighted that was RBL Bank when it was @ 550 whereas Shiv Puri of TVF Capital Advisors gave his best idea you Found that very funny it was KOTAK BANK when it was @ 1350 Now when we see the present price which one is delighted and which one is funny? MORAL is: Don’t overestimate or underestimate just based on their respective position. ideas are important not the persons. Please don’t feel bad about these comments because my aim is not hurt or troll you just give the reality, Always Market is supreme, not peoples opinion.
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Definitely… Motilal oswal the perfect example… it’s Nav is no ING as turtle.

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