Mega Linkfest : 03 April, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

How Muslims play politics in India ( Abhijit Iyer Mitra )

Why secular liberals are wrong about Nizamuddin ( Vir Sanghvi )

Tablighi Jamaat : Jihad’s stealthy legions ( Alex Alexiev )

The West’s anti India bias factory is working overtime ( Abhijit Majumder )

The anti Hindu NY Times ( Ramesh Rao )

Is Covid 19 Laboratory born ? ( Maroof Raza )

The unravelling of a dancer ( New Yorker )

Greta’s World ( Rolling Stone )

Saudis blow off Trump ( ATimes )

Travelogue : Jordan ( Team BHP )

10 Isolation Tips from Scientists ( Smithsonian )

My father, a Pakistani Prisoner of War in India ( Sunniya Pirzada )

From Zimbabwe to England ( Danai Kupemba )

Mangaluru’s Jewish Connection ( LHI )

Chang Bhai, take care ( Priya Ramani )

One reply on “Mega Linkfest : 03 April, 2020”

Hi Raoji,

Been visiting your blog more than two years now. Love the contents you post, and learned a lot from it. I have never commented before but I felt with the growing trend of Anti muslim narrative across the country it’s been creeping up in your blog as well. Though I know it’s not be intentional.

Part 1: Why Muslim cause harm on purpose.
Let’s take Null hypothesis as the heading and now I’ll try to disprove it. With ~300M muslims in the country it’s easy to build any narrative you want by picking a sample that’s convenient. Even 1% of the population size (action of say 300,000 people, a large number) can be used to prove the whole population is bad, especially if you have large institutions (say media) backing you. I don’t have the resources to prove that a large section of the Muslim population is complying with the lockdown, but I can vouch for my Family and Friends (now I understand this is even smaller sample). But that still disproves our Null hypothesis the same way finding one black swan can disprove that not all swans are white.

Part 2: Why do communities hate each other
All Humans strive for heroesim, as written by Earnest Becker. We need to believe we are special and the same goes as we scale up to communities, religions, groups. We humans also have biases whether we accept it or not. In the end none of us want to accept the fact that we will die someday and no matter what we achieve in life it won’t matter on an infinite timeline. That’s why we still cling onto religion and ideologies which promise eternity and that’s why we defend them and flight the competing ideology with such vigor.

I don’t blame any person for the hatered going around, it’s human nature, self preservation, denial of death etc. I may be wrong but as long as I don’t find a better explanation I’ll stick with this.

Once again amazing job with the blog, will continue to visit in the years to come.

Thank you.

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