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Ashish Chauhan’s Revenge

BSE Ltd. has now applied for an extension in trading hours for the equity market as well, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ashish Chauhan told BloombergQuint in an interview. “All of us need to work hard. India needs to develop further.I am sure investors will slowly adjust (to the extended trading hours) like we did in 1994-95.”

The exchange’s shares have declined nearly 21 percent so far this year, while the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex Index has risen over 14 percent during the same period.

Maybe this is Ashish Chauhan’s way of screwing the investor community for not trading on his exchange.

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Idiotic move, even self destructing one. Only the algo traders and big brokers will gain. No substantial rise in volumes vis a vis rise in costs (manpower and capital) for smaller players will make their going difficult. As a trader, I will do only longer conviction trades. So my volumes will be lower. I feel same would be case for everyone. I cant have a 16 hour trading work day. My mind would explode. So better leave it and focus on some few conviction trades only. In the end, only the big guys gain…and that the trend in India

By this move, the smaller players will be wiped out. They cannot match the flexing muscle of bigger players by way of technology and reach. The Sooner smaller players accept the reality that they have played their innings, better for them. But yes, this move should serve no purpose to anybody accept being self destructing even for bigger players in the long run.

When Past experience has not taught any lesson to Authorities, only Self Distruction is the answer.

Nobody is questioning, how Economy is getting benefited. ? How does this help in raising Capital for any Business Venture, which is the primary role of the Exchange. Exchanges have lost this fund raising activity to PE Players, Angle Investors & Venture Capitalist. Exchanges should have channalised their resources and efforts in offering Solutions in these areas.

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