Alpha Ideas turns five

started Alpha Ideas five years back on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa.

Today, on Gudi Padwa, Alpha Ideas turns five.

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Happy birthday!

My my…..what a journey it has been. The little toddler is already standing up for being counted. It has been a pleasure following your posts.

Keep up the good work and have a gr8 journey ahead!

Congratulations and keep it up Raoji. Your Twits/posts are rich source of information for us.
You first read and then post so much but I would have loved to read maximum on finance/economy/stocks.

Many many congrts Nitin Sir,……5 yrs contineu in is very big achivments.

All the best….

Happy gudi padwa to you Raoji & all your near & dear ones & all your readers
A”BIG THANK YOU ” for your “selfless service of 5 years”
I really appreciate you work.
god bless you & keep you healthy & wealthy, wise you are
Best regards

Congratulations Raoji .. in big way you contribute to our knowledge.. Thank you !!

Congratulations. In a short time, you have achieved some very big things – perhaps the best was RBL pre-issue pvt placement of shares to retail buyers!
Perhaps also coincided with positive market moves on new govt for last 3 years. Keep it up.

Congrats , it has been a pleasure reading your articles.Please continue posting and educating us.

Among many such financial/market portals, Alpha Ideas stands distinct and apart from all others. In fact, I have stopped reading other such portals’ posts, where I try not to miss one from Alpha Ideas.

Many many Congratulations! Roaji
Wish you umpteen success and plant a tree on this beautiful
occasion, thanks a lot for your continued effort in collating and sharing links. Equity investing gets equally interesting when we get lots to read, think, evaluate and make a choice with understanding of stocks. Since two years my only source of income is from stocks and I love the fact that I am able to do other things in life such as farming, playing music, drawing, reading books, environmental activism and the list continues…. Thank you! Sir… Eventually life is much more than money when we realize the happiest memories cannot be bought but only experienced.

Congratulations on completing five years Raoji sir,
My day start with your tweets,Am really appreciating your tremendous work. with out taking single paisa .you are truly sharing best knowledge about equity and life and many. am getting lot of thins about equity from your blog.

Really appreciating once again ..BEST OF LUCK SIR.

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