How Raamdeo Agrawal made a killing in unlisted scrips

Question: Are you interested in..because I know sometimes you do unlisted equities….have you put money in some ‘fintech players’?

Raamdeo Agrawal: No, not fintech players but we just exited form AU Financiers, Jaipur. We bought at Rs 50-60 crore valuation, we put Rs 20 crore, which gave us 30- 35 percent. That was 6 years back. We sold it for Rs 5,000 crore..100x..

-from Bloomberg

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was tge investment made through anybof his funds maybe a pe fund ? Or did this money go to him personally while he preaches the merits of investment in the secondary market ?

As always his reply is lie !! While the Company Au Finance did grow from 60 Cr valuation to 5000 Cr valuation it got diluted multiple times in between and also the Motilal fund sold at each of these rounds. End result is a 8X and not a 100X that Mr. Agarwal mentioned..but I wont blame him..he runs his shop of false claims and a Demi God status !!

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