Weekend Mega Linkfest:June 03,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

London man becomes Swiss goat (Daily Mail)

Vijay Mallya’s Force India creates F1 History (GQ)

Remembering Veer Savarkar (IndiaFacts)

The ‘Reserved’ Seat you ‘lost’ was never yours (HP)

2019 could end up looking like 1971 (Swarajya)

Jet Lag cure could be a reality soon (Huff Tech)

What’s it like to be aged 13 now (WP)

The origin of dogs (Atlantic)

The taking of Thailand’s Temple Tigers (Atlantic)

How a black man from Missouri passed as a Indian pop star (Atlas)

My life as a Sex Object (Guardian)

Startup Story: ConfirmTkt (YS)

How Kerala organized India’s first green swearing in ceremony (BI)

Jeff Bezos on Critics (BI)

Humor: India is a bar (Scoop Whoop)

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