Warren Buffett on Home Ownership

Most Indian financial advisors actively discourage their clients from buying homes-they rather that their clients invest in equity.

It is interesting to know what Warren Buffett said recently:

In Mr. Buffett’s opinion, if you are going to be settled, it’s a great idea to buy a home. If you know you are going to be there for 10 years, you should buy. His daughter is 61 years old and loves coming home as it represents continuity in life. He feels that this is a good time to buy a home, but he can’t imagine owning 10-12 homes.


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You got it wrong buddy. When WB says he like hamburger when it goes cheap, it doesn’t mean Hamburger is a good investment. He says… If you are planning to settle somewhere , its better to buy a house now (Because I assume Housing Price in US is comparatively cheap)..and I say doesn’t mean its a good investment

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