Marquee Pre-IPO Investors of Coffee Day

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited (parent company of Cafe Coffee Day) is coming out with its IPO next week with the price band in the range of Rs.316-Rs.328

Six months back,on March 02,2015, the Company had placed shares with India’s most prominent investors at Rs.362.5 per share (Adjusting for bonus)

The list of investors with the amounts invested is shown below:

Entity # of Shares (Pre-Bonus) Amount Invested (In Crores)
Nandan Nilekani 258620 75.00
Rare Enterprises (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) 34482 10.00
Derive Investments (Radhakishan Damani) 34482 10.00
Ramesh Damani 10344 3.00
Ketan Sheth 6896 2.00


2 replies on “Marquee Pre-IPO Investors of Coffee Day”

Hello Alphaideas,

this is great information, while I was doing some numbe crunching, I came across following:

Number of Shares = 34482
Rs per share = 362.5
Total = 12,499,725
and total amount invested shown is 10 Crores for RARE & RKD.

Is there something am I missing in calc OR its mis-match in data ?


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