Ambit’s Saurabh Mukerjea learns from the Commies

In the Soviet era communist regimes,there was a joke which went like this:

Don’t think.

If you think, don’t speak

If you think and speak,don’t write

If you think and speak and write,don’t sign

If you think and speak and write and sign,don’t be surprised


Nitin Mangal of Veritas was arrested for writing a negative report against India Bulls.Wall Street Journal has written a brilliant article on this.What I found most interesting in the article was Ambit’s Saurabh Mukerjea’s take:

Some of the issues highlighted in Veritas’s criticisms were “plainly obvious,” said Saurabh Mukherjea, head of institutional equities at the Mumbai-based Ambit Group, in an interview. “The problem is that Veritas went out with guns blazing,” which isn’t done in India, he said, because you could “end up in a police station late at night and never see the light of day.”

Instead of putting his controversial opinions in writing, Mr. Mukherjea said he generally tells his clients verbally “where the skeletons lie.”

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Shame that we don t have proper regulatory body to take care of minority shareholders interest. Sebi takes action only on insider trading and market activity. These governance issues falls under ambit of company law board which is a sleeping gaint

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