Money Saving Tip # 1:Extending the life of your razor blades

This post is in continuation of my Money Saving Tips series (see here)

In the olden days, when a King wanted to punish somebody he used to gift him an elephant.The cost of feeding the elephant etc was so expensive that the recipient used to go broke.

In the modern world, using a Gillette Razor is like a white elephant.As part of their marketing strategy, the razor is fairly cheap but the blades are expensive (A pack of 5 Gillette Fusion Blades cost Rs.600).

So, how does one enjoy a Gillette shave and yet not blow up a wad of cash on the blades?The video below explains how


Estimated cost savings per year:Around 3000 Rs (Earlier, one blade used to last for 2 weeks, now it lasts for 6 months)

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