Weekend Mega Linkfest:Jan 26,2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Mukesh Ambani sends a defamation notice to news channels (Newslaundry)

Is this really what we deserve ? (Open)

The desi cow is almost extinct (Tehelka)

The saffron string (Outlook)

SEBI to disclose all information related to PMS (Moneylife)

Are old iphones a gateaway drug ? (MarketWatch)

Why we should memorize (NewYorker)

Iraqi Sunnistan (ForeignAffairs)

The Komodo Dragon is an all purpose killing machine (Smithsonian)

Rahul Gandhi:Show your hand (Economist)

Why you are not a leader (Forbes)

The women of Mexico’s drug war (Atlantic)

How to drive safely in a fog (TeamBHP)

The Algerian tragedy (ProjectSyndicate)

Life lessons Bollywood has taught me (UnrealTimes)

Congratulations Sir (GreatBong)

Could Cyril Ramaphosa be the best leader that South Africa never had? (NYTimes)

Aaron Swartz:Memory to myth (Verge)

Exit Interview:Timothy Geithner (NewRepublic)

Hollywood Publicity:The Rules of the Game (VQR)

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