Weekend Mega Linkfest:Jan 12, 2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

The harassed husbands of India (Open)

Do arranged marriages foster a tradition of rape? (Newslaundry)

Buying a home abroad (ForbesIndia)

Is salt good for your health? (Moneylife)

Inside Hong Kong’s Chungking mansions (Caravan)

A maid’s execution (NewYorker)

Mayhem in the tea garden (Tehelka)

The man who speared JP Morgan’s whale (BusinessWeek)

The little known legend of Jesus in Japan (Smithsonian)

Jihad comes to Kenya (ForeignAffairs)

How much can you tell about people from their handwriting? (Slate)

The Poppy Palaces of Afghanistan (VanityFair)

How more money makes people act less humane (NYMag)

One dad’s ill fated battle against the princesses (Atlantic)

Dubai as the new Mecca (GQ)

Spoof: Dr Manmohan Singh gives career advice (UnrealTimes)

Safe Driving on India’s highways (TeamBHP)

The Pope’s dangerous sex appeal (ProjectSyndicate)

Movie Review:Rajdhani Express (VigilIdiot)

Travelogue:Puri, Lord Jagannath’s land (Ghumakkar)

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