Linkfest:Jan 11, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Gold is useful because it is useless (FirstPost)

US S&P 500 are back at 5 year high (ET)

India wastes 21 Million tonnes of wheat every year (FE)

Soon , Nifty futures on Osaka exchange (BS)

Govt may broaden scope of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme (Mint)

Of Kingfisher and Mallya’s pot of gold (CapitalMind)

Howard Marks Memo to investors (OakTreeCapital)

Louis Dreyfus says China is manipulating the cotton market (Climateer)

Examining Ben Graham’s record:Skill or luck ? (Greenbackd)

What effect does living frugally play in the success of a trader? (SMB)

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