Offbeat Sunday Reads:July 08, 2012

Off beat Sunday reads for today:

In memory of a brave beautiful child (JaiArjun)

Movie Review:Maximum (BharadwajRangan)

Spoof:Temple built for Higgs Boson in Tamil Nadu (UnrealTimes)

When a dollar may not be a dollar (FundooProfessor)

Car Review:Renault Duster launch report (TeamBHP)

A brief history of money (IEEE)

Travelogue:Hundred in Gangtok (Ghumakkar)



The most interesting thing

In autumn 2011, a Dalit first-year student at AIIMS named Pankaj Meena was delivering a PowerPoint presentation in class on the functioning of the human kidneys. When he got to the fifth slide, Pankaj said, the professor interrupted and told him to go back to the very first slide. Then he asked Pankaj, “What is the most interesting thing in this introduction?” Pankaj looked at the slide, puzzled, and found nothing. The professor answered his own question: “The most interesting thing on this page is Meena, his caste.”

“After that I forgot everything,” Pankaj told me. “I just wanted to leave the classroom.”


Incident at India’s # 1 Medical Institute, AIIMS


Weekend Reads:July 07, 2012

Some interesting reads for the weekend:

How the RSS is taking down the BJP (Tehelka)

All that pain disinterred (Outlook)

Unhealed wounds at AIIMS (Caravan)

Real Estate funds clock high returns (ForbesIndia)

Dry cleaners are taking us to the cleaners (Moneylife)

Microsoft’s lost decade (Vanityfair)

The 11 ways consumers are hopeless at Math (Atlantic)

Why are American kids so spoiled? (NewYorker)


Fedor Emelianenko top 5 comebacks of all time

Fedor is one of my sporting heroes and this video shows why. Warning:Not for the faint hearted


Never argue with stupid people