Hard Landing for Kale Consultants?

Kale Consultants is a leading solutions provider to the global airlines and travel industry.

On Feb 6, 2012 , it had announced a buyback of its shares at up to Rs. 160/ share

The buyback closed on May 2 ,2012 having utilized the full amount of the buyback (around Rs.12.97 Crores)

Now that a significant source of buying power for the stock has been removed, expect the stock to drift lower from its current levels of Rs.125


Linkfest:May 8, 2012

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Will Tilaknagar Industries Follow?

In earlier posts here and here, I had mentioned that a departing CFO indicates bearish times ahead for the stock.

This was also proved by the departure of the CFO of Educomp Solutions and the damning report by Espirito Santo on the stock.

Now the CFO of Tilaknagar Industries has resigned with effect from May 01, 2012 due to personal and family commitments.

What does he know that we don’t ?