Weekend Mega Linkfest:December 24,2015

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

The mystery of India’s deadly exam scam (Guardian)

Can Manu Prakash save the world? (New Yorker)

My experience as a Uber driver (TeamBHP)

Saudi Arabia’s phony war on terror (Brahma)

The Devil and Jose Mourinho (Guardian)

The great Republican revolt (Atlantic)

How I built a 1C a year company and led it to bankruptcy (Rodinhood)

How a 25 year old is changing the celebrity gossip industry (BuzzFeed)

Royal Mysore Heritage Walks (YS)

Don’t confuse your mid-life crisis with entrepreneurship (Subroto Bagchi)

The Tharoor’s family Amul Journey (Shashi Tharoor)

Travelogue:The Dak Bungalow Trail (TeamBHP)

Movie Review:Star Wars,The Force Awakens (Great Bong)

Gossip:Advani wants to be President (Gossip Guru)

Some more Delhi gossip (Fashion Scandal)

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