Weekend Mega Linkfest:December 18,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

I worry about Muslims (Mohammed Hanif)

Secrets of the Gujaratis,world’s best business people (Economist)

Why politicians play the ‘victim’ card (Jaggi)

How Rahul Gandhi lied about what happened in Assam (OpIndia)

How Mexico’s most vicious drug cartel was taken down (Atlantic)

The Islamist war on secular bloggers in Bangladesh (New Yorker)

Illegal in Iceland (Smithsonian)

My dad was Darth Vader (Jai Arjun)

Unpregnant (Globe & Mail)

Maruti Baleno:Official Review (Team BHP)

The great Greek Bank robbery (Yanis Varoufakis)

The $500 Million battle over Disney’s princesses (Bloomberg)

A startup called HealthAssure (YS)

Why India should honor Taslima Nasrin (India Facts)

Why American Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas (Atlantic)

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