Mega Linkfest:August 28,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

1965 War:The Last Gentleman’s War (Maroof Raza)

Using microwave to make diamonds (Bloomberg)

The illusion of liquidity (Satyajit Das)

How Congress MP Vijay Darda forwarded his business interests (NL)

Hardik Patel has no future in Indian politics (DailyO)

Pervert Arnab (MediaCrooks)

Sugar Daddies Explained (GQ)

Dubai Real Estate (Outlook Business)

Auto Talk:The best SUV for Indian roads (Team BHP)

Travelogue:Sikkim (Team BHP)

The Emerging Markets Currency Rout (Project Syndicate)

Who was Shivaji? (Scroll)

Bulbul:An app for telling children stories (YS)

Why Modi chose Lohani to be Air India CMD (Gossip Guru)

16 Gorgeous shots of India in Hollywood movies (BuzzFeed)

One reply on “Mega Linkfest:August 28,2015”

The book “Who was Shivaji” was an imaginary fiction book and is brainchild of Govind Pansare. He has not used any historical references or proofs in the process. This was just to stir the caste politics by pushing false information in to the media.

If anyone really wants to know who was Shivaji maharaj, better go for “Shivacharitra” by Babasaheb Purandare. He has used historical references for every point that he mentioned.


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