Linkfest:July 28,2015

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Market crashes (Mint)

Why are rich Indians fleeing the country? (Firstpost)

Is M&M India’s version of Berkshire Hathaway? (Beyond Proxy)

HDFC Sec Research Report: Asian Paints (MyIris)

Should you opt for a direct plan for Mutual Funds? (Morningstar)

Gold is doing well compared to other commodities (Macro Man)

One way to beat the market-be different (Alpha Architect)

A dozen things I’ve learned from Paul Tudor Jones about investing (25IQ)

Mumbai is overflowing with garbage (Bloomberg)

Obituary:APJ Abdul Kalam (NYTimes)

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Thanks alpha ideas, for the information. I am a regular and will be a regular visitor to ur site

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