Linkfest:July 03,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Ambit:FII investors want to cut their exposure to India (Moneycontrol)

100% Guaranteed Returns from Mantri Developers (Capital Mind)

Local funds buy foreign stocks (BS)

OMCs hit multi-year highs (BS)

Why Bharti Airtel should exit Africa completely (Mint)

Nomura Research Report: Coal India (MyIris)

What makes a company great ? (Sequoia)

12 Charts that explain the Greek crisis (Vox)

The smartest man is wild about innovation (Blackstone)

How Shelby Davis made $900 Million investing in insurance stocks (ValueWalk)

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Your website is outstanding in terms of the content. However, opening the individual links is a pain. have verified that the broadband connection is not the reason, as similar US based sites’ links open smoothly and quickly.

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