Linkfest:Feb 22, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

How Robert Vadra made a killing in the Rajasthan sun (Firstpost)

Raid on babus reveal 100 Crores in cash, properties (FE)

Phaneesh Murthy aims to shake up IT industry’s billing model (ET)

Foreign investors lose appetite for FCCBs (BS)

Facing the crash (ValueInvestorIndia)

Rohit Pradhan’s perverse communalism (Sandeepweb)

Rio’s Mongolia Copper dream awakens 20 year old nightmare (Bloomberg)

12 market wisdoms from Gerald Loeb (Ivanhoff)

The biggest financial asset in your portfolio is you (NYTimes)

David Einhorn wants Apple to issue all the preferred stock in the world (Dealbreaker)

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