Debt Excerpts

This is what a Debt Fund Crisis looks like

In the general interest of the Unit Holders of the JPMorgan India Treasury Fund and JPMorgan India Short Term Income Fund, JPMorgan Mutual Fund India Private Limited, the Trustee Company, has decided to limit the redemptions in the above referred two schemes effective August 28, 2015.

Accordingly, the Redemptions in these two schemes will be limited (“gated”) to a percentage limit not exceeding 1% of the total number of Units outstanding on any Business Day as mentioned in the Paragraph III. Units & Offer, Section B. Ongoing Offer Details ‘Right to limit Redemptions’ of the Scheme Information Document of each scheme and the Trust Deed.

Any Units which consequently are not redeemed on a particular Business Day will, subject to the further application of the Trustee Company’s right to limit Redemption, be carried forward for Redemption to thenext Business Day. Redemptions so carried forward will be priced on the basis of the Applicable NAV (subject to the prevailing Exit Load) of the Business Day on which Redemption is made.

Investors should note that Redemptions shall include Switches, STPsand SWPs also.-stated JP Morgan India


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