Indigo : Cash is 28% of Market Cap

Source: MS Report on Interglobe Aviation Ltd


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala on Indigo

Air India’s market share is shrinking every year. There are not many planes on order. Indigo is the lowest cost airline.Can you imagine he invested Rs 300 crore, he has taken away Rs 3,500 crore as dividend. The Return on Capital (RoC) is 300 percent.
And if you just make his first quarter’s earnings into four he will earn about just 640 multiplied by 4 is Rs 2,600 crore which is about Rs 80 per share. Rs 80 per share what price is it coming. At 765 it is coming at 10 times earnings and I am very bearish on oil prices. I don’t see them going anywhere in 3-5 years.
So, it is a leader, the industry – one large player is shrinking, others don’t have money, he has got the largest planes on order, he is the lowest cost operator. It is a no brainersaid Rakesh Jhunjhunwala