Realty Stocks:A revisit to Crisil’s picks

In an earlier post, I had blogged about Crisil having a webinar on realty stocks on 19th Dec, 2012 and had enclosed their report as well.

Crisil had made a strong buy recommendation on these stocks and it would be interesting to see how their picks performed Vs the Market.

The table below indicates the performance (19th Dec, 2012-22nd Jan, 2013)

Nifty: + 2%

Ashiana: -6.5%

Bhartiya: +3.6%

Niteshest: -20%



Would track these picks on a 1/3/6/12 month basis just to see how they fared over a year


Sector Focus:Realty Stocks

Realty stocks seems to be back in focus for punters in the market.

We have stocks like Ashiana Housing and Kolte Patil at 52 week highs.

Kolte Patil is especially interesting…it has zoomed by nearly 70% in the last one month alone (16 Nov-18 Dec)

Thats whats makes the Indian equity markets so exciting…there is never a dull moment !

Readers may be interested in knowing that Crisil is conducting a free webinar tomorrow on select real estate companies.According to them, “these select real estate companies are at historical low valuations and offer strong upside”

The companies are Ashiana Housing Ltd , Bhartiya International Ltd ,  Nitesh Estates Ltd ,Parsvnath Developers Ltd  and The Phoenix Mills Ltd

Sellside Research

CRISIL Report on Ashiana Housing

This report is for informational purposes only.Not a recommendation to buy or sell.