Portfolio of Lashit Sanghvi

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Lashit Sanghvi is a well known investor who co founded Alchemy Capital with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

His significant holdings in India as on 31 Dec,2014 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Company Symbol Entity Name Date End # of Shares % Value (In Crores)
ADF Foods Limited ADFFOODS LASHIT SANGHVI 201412 318750 1.45 1.94
Biopac India Corporation Ltd 532330 LASHIT SANGHVI 201412 34900 2.02 0.03
Dynamatic Technologies Ltd DYNAMATECH LASHIT SANGHVI 201412 82000 1.29 24.60