Linkfest:May 21, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India is a risky ballgame (WSJ)

Homes most affordable in 30 years !! (FinancialExpress)

Is insider trading part of the fabric? (Nytimes)

Chinese bubble likely to burst (Globe&Mail)

Italy and the great tax revolt (ZeroHedge)

JP Morgan’s debacle and its parallels to AIG (Washingtonpost)

Going on faith (NYTimes)


Weekend Links:May 19, 2012

Interesting reads for the weekend:

The news that ought to be the headlines (Tehelka)

Can you take it Chandan Mitra? (NewsLaundry)

Devils in the Diva-Whitney Houston (VanityFair)

Can science explain why we tell stories ? (NewYorker)

The epic battle to defend Facebook’s IPO price (TRB)

Catching “the world’s most prolific criminal fixer of soccer matches (ESPN)

Dr. Sreedharan-the Bharat Ratna nobody talks about (Kaipullai)


Linkfest:May 18, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Indigo takes # 1 Slot (FirstPost)

No role for Govt in land acquisition (Mint)

Why Warren Buffett really likes newspapers (BusinessWeek)

Queen Elizabeth-Venture Capitalist for Marauders (Bloomberg)

About that Spainish bank downgrade (FTAlphaville)

Greek Banks Crumble (Telegraph)

How Norway’s day traders are taking on the algos (FT)


Linkfest:May 17,2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

CBI raids JSW Steel (BusinessLine)

Citi see Rupee @ 60 per $ !! (MoneyControl)

Bangalore startup promises unbiased news (Nytimes)

Speciality Restaurants IPO-Avoid (Mint) & (FirstChoiceIPO)

SEBI Watch:Consent Order against Educomp Solutions (SEBI)

Will Sterling Biotech default on FCCBs today ? (CapitalMind)

How Bruno Iskil lost 2 Billion $ (Felix)

Dad fights for justice against Delhi’s Max Hospital (SuchetaDalal)


Linkfest:May 16, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Bharti Airtel under money laundering probe (BusinessLine)

Can Mannapuram Finance shares jump 100%?(FirstPost)

With Nitin at the Wheel, HUL on a roll again (ET)

SEBI Watch:Price Manipulation in Adani Exports Ltd (SEBI)

The next generation of reforms in India (Raghu Rajan)

What happens when the world economy goes Japan (DailyReckoning)

Warren Buffett reveals two new surprising investments (BusinessInsider)