Linkfest: April 12, 2012

Some interesting reading:

Is Subbarao the loneliest man in India ? (FirstPost)

RBI Watch:Musings on the Indian Rupee (RBI)

Mumbai is the least affordable place in the world (Business Standard)

Returns per unit of stress (FundooProfessor)

How the rich in India steal from the poorest of the poor (Tehelka)

The Pakistan gameplan in Afghanistan (BusinessLine)

What’s in the emerging market index ? (TRB)



Linkfest: April 11, 2012

Some stuff I am reading this morning:

Euro Trashing Again (FT Alphaville)

A risk-off “unrally” around the world (TRB)

SEBI warns NSE for being “negligent in discharge of its duties” (FinancialExpress)

The Govt Vs Indraprastha Gas (Mint)

Essar’s biggest headache:Armed Naxalites (BusinessStandard)

Mumbai’s mighty cash on a real estate boom (Bloomberg)

For Satan Mua¬†who said “Whats an Indian blog without some Bollywood gossip”

The filmi gossip for the week (RajeevMasand)


Linkfest: April 10, 2012

Some stuff I am reading this morning:

Loop Telecom to shut down, seeks 750 M$ damages from the government (Mint)

Harshad Mehta like scam at NCDEX (SuchetaDalal)

China faces timebomb of ageing population (Guardian)

The Warren Buffett Cult Vs The Gold Cult (DailyReckoning)

Why a 1$ CEO costs much more than 1$ (Footnoted)

Grandfather wills property to grandkids, enraged father kills them (FinancialExpress)


Linkfest: April 09, 2012

Some stuff I am reading this morning:

India’s tax plan troubles foreign investors (Nytimes)

India’s Food Security Bill to increase fiscal deficit by 1.2 Trillion Rupees (Mint)

Goa Grand Hyatt in green trouble (BusinessStandard)

Was Madhu Kannan a failure at BSE? (SuchetaDalal)

Can fortune tellers predict stock price movements? (BusinessToday)

Ghosts in the Newsroom:Washington Post’s business strategy (VanityFair)

A devastating critique of Vijay Mallya (Kaipullai)


Weekend Reads-April 05,2012

A long long weekend ahead on account of Mahavir Jayanti and Good Friday.

Here’s what I am reading over the weekend:

An eyeopener-Why Las Vegas is moving to Macau (New Yorker)

How investing turns nice people into psychopaths (Atlantic)

The Yangon spring (Economist)

Cars that can run over 200000 miles (Forbes)

Timeshare prices plummet to 1$ (Smart Money)

An extra ordinary story – The man who wore a sanitary napkin (Open)

One man Army-Gen V K Singh (Tehelka)

Profile of one of my favorite financial analysts Neeraj Monga of Vertias (Outlook )

Tata’s new range of defence vehicles (Team BHP)

The case against kids-Is having kids immoral ? (New Yorker)