Forget Netflix, IIC Prime is here

This guest post is written by my friend Jatin Khemani, the Founder  of  Indian Investing Conclave. He explains the product and invites you to check it out.

With a mission to make learning more practical and insightful, we had started Indian Investing Conclave in 2017 as digital-only conference platform.

It boasts of a unique format – a deep-dive by each Fund Manager into one of the listed companies to showcase how they go about analysing a business, industry, management, valuation while managing key risks & concerns.

This case-study method not only ensures superior learning experience but also acts as a way to find interesting stock ideas to research further.

‘IIC Prime’ is the new avatar under which all the 190+ sessions by leading Fund Managers & Research Analysts, have been consolidated.

New sessions get added on a monthly basis to keep its subscribers engaged with insightful content, so one gets access to existing library along with new sessions at a nominal subscription fee of Rs 490 per month.

11 New Stock Idea sessions have already been added so far in 2024:

IIC’s rich library of 190+ sessions can now be searched as well as sorted based on filters like Market Cap, Industry/Sector, Duration, Time of release & Speaker.

Each video session has captions & transcripts which can be searched for specific keywords & play relevant part of the video. Further, the system suggests related sessions to watch based on your interest & profile. Subscribers can also follow their chosen Fund Managers and be notified whenever any new session by them gets released, among host of other features.

Raunak Onkar, Fund Manager at Parag Parikh Mutual Fund once called IIC as the Netflix of Indian Investing Community, the transition to IIC Prime is an effort to truly become one.

Do check out the all new IIC Prime !

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