Manyavar: Honeymoon is Over

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Source: Investor Presentation of Vedant Fashions Ltd

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I have reservations about the use case of wedding dresses. By virtue of the use, the buying of the same would be infrequent, as best. How many wedding dresses would anyone buy in one’s lifetime? 5, 10, 15? Since weddings are a big thing in the North, I asked a Rajasthani friend as to how many wedding dresses he’s bought so far, and he said “very few”. This might only be one case, but it probably needs a wide survey to glean insights.

Also, this may seem funny but in north India you can fit into your wedding dress only once…Post wedding dinners and lunches make the bride and groom so fat they can hardly fit into any dress. Also in our parent’s time a simple wedding suit used to serve later on as a daily use dress….I don’t think one can go to the office wearing a “Manyavar” dress …. Its our parent’s frugality which made us what we are today. Sadly most of the younger generation would be debt ridden.

Seems a paradox, but if one can fit into one’s wedding dress only once, it means multiple wedding dresses might be bought. But still it might be restricted to maybe 4-6 per person.
Fully agree with your point about our generation’s frugality, which isn’t being shared by the next generation.
Maybe what Vedant Fashions is banking on is, 4-6 dresses per person and say 16-20 per family of 4 (even children wear wedding dresses these days), in a lifetime. But is it a robust enough business model?

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