Concord: What Wealth Creation looks like

Source: RHP of Concord Biotech Ltd

The IPO of Concord Biotech Ltd is expected to open shortly.

One of the interesting aspects of this co is that marquee investors like Late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala,Amal Parikh etc had invested in the co way back in 2004.

Using Amal Parikh as an example, it would be interesting to see the kind of returns this investment generated.

On 13 Dec, 2004, Amal Parikh bought 25,000 shares @ 359.55 Rs/share i.e an investment of Rs.89,88,750 /-

Numerous bonuses,splits etc later, the shareholding of Amal Parikh increased from 25,000 shares to 20,23,219 shares.

At the upper ipo price band of Rs. 741 per share, this translates to an amount of Rs. 149,92,05,279 /-

The CAGR return over 19 years is a whopping 30.9% CAGR !

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