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GM Breweries: Repeat Karo

Amusing to see that the entire Management Discussion & Analysis Report has been copy pasted from Annual Report FY2022 to Annual Report FY2023

Source: Annual Report FY 2022 of G.M. Breweries Ltd

Source: Annual Report FY2023 of GM Breweries Ltd

The copy paste is so ridiculous that even the plant utilization capacity is the same in both annual reports :

The company has capacity to process 13.76 crore bulk litres of country
liquor per annum out of which only about 37.5% has
been utilized last year

GM folks-Nakal Karo Lekin Akal Se !

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The overjealousness to post results quickly got the better of them. Make annual report as quickly as possible would have been the instructions to the IR guy, anyways 99% of people investing in a particular company don’t read it.

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