Alpha Ideas 20-20 Meet

We had hosted the Alpha Ideas 20-20 Meet in 2018 & 2019 which was well received. We didn’t host in 2020 & 2021 due to Covid.

We are again thinking of hosting the Alpha Ideas 20-20 Meet in Mumbai in the first/second week  of November 2022 depending on venue availability

The Summit will have 20 speakers speaking for 20 Minutes (No Q&A) on their best investment ideas.I do hope to line up some great folks to speak for the event.

It will be a great way to spend the day listening to stock pickers and networking with smart investors from around the world

Will go ahead only if we get a decent response.

For those interested,please email me at Alpha Ideas

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I will be interested to attend either personally or online depending on the date, but be sure I will joined.

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