The LIC Mystery

In an interview yesterday, the LIC Chairman Mr.Kumar claimed that LIC has a market share of 65%

However, in an Investor Presentation by Max Life, LIC is shown to have a market share of only 37% !

What explains this mystery?

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Max Life chart is talking “Individual First Year Premium”.
This excludes group policies and excludes older policies.
LIC’s share of total premiums from new policies issued in FY22 is 37%.

LIC chair is likely quoting gross revenue mkt-share, In past LIC had 100% mkt-share, so if you add in revenues from past issued polices, thier share of total life insurance premiums collected in FY 22 (incl premiums collected from older policies) is probably 65%

The Max Life chart is a truer measure of LIC’s market-share “today”.

I personally prefer VNB market share (Value of New Business = PV of all new policies written in the FY / period under review. VNB normalizes for differences in product mix – par/non-par/protection etc.)

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