Shout Out: AGMs in Times of Disruption

We investors generally look forward to AGMs.

Its a good way to meet management & other fellow investors.

Also, one gets a good perspective on the co, its culture, prospects etc

In today’s tough times, virtual AGMs are the norm and many investors either give it a pass or are unsure on how to get the maximum juice from them

To address this problem, the good folks at CFA Society India are organising a webinar on an “AGMs in Times of Disruption” on May 25, 2021.

The webinar is FREE and is open to ALL investors, even non-CFAs.

I have registered for this webinar and I strongly recommend that you do the same.

4 replies on “Shout Out: AGMs in Times of Disruption”

Sir, you are awesome, fantastic insights & knowledge you are sharing. Very much indebtful to you!!

Virtual agm reduces taxes for govt and also economy goes down.Why everything was almost allowed in Jan 21 then physical agm is not allowed.Virtual agm you do not get reply and also no 2nd supplement question can not be raised.In physical agm always 2nd unregistered agm us held after official agm is over which is off the record where you get cleared all doubts on Co.

It is observed during last year in 2020-21 that most of the companies want to avoid live discussion with investors and allowin them to more than 2 minutes, sometimes even if you are registered as speaker shareholder in advance they don’t allow to speak and will never unmute the investor.Only those are allowed who are in their good books

Aovm Portal of the AGM is make to only the shareholders fool like a kind of donkey if you have appreciate the management or like do chaplusi then they give the chance to speak on the portal other ways of you ask queries on the accounts or working about the company they can’t give the chance to communicate you I have more than 50 companies they will not given the chance to express my views with the management because they can’t hear any against thing of the management part they raise there salaries like a jamesbond and give the lollypop to the shareholders in 1-2 rs form of dividend and prescribe like that they distribute the kutubminar or lal Killa to shareholders in this financial year also like a Nestle type of company also not given any reply of my questions you have seen in the portal of bse india

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