Ravneet Singh Gill : Then & Now

Then, in Dec 2019 :

We want to do is maintain the very strong entrepreneurial real vibrant culture of this organization. But at the same time, harness it with much stronger controls and governance in place.

Next would be how we have progressed with regard to our digital leadership. If you look at any new age digital interoperable platform that operates in this country, I think, YES BANK has been able to demonstrate, not just the fact that it has market leadership, but the fact that this market leadership is actually beginning to expand quarter-on-quarter. 

Now, in May 2020 :

Gill, who joined as MD and CEO of Yes Bank on March 1, 2019, stated that he was brought to the bank for reasons such as ‘poor credit culture, poor compliance culture, centralisation of power and lack of institutionalisation’.

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