Book Review: A Safari in the Equity World

The Book ‘ A Safari in the Equity World’ is written by Ritesh Dhoot, who is an Investment Professional based in the UAE.

This book was gifted to me by the author and hence I feel a bit obligated to write about it.

One of my biggest grouses is that most of our investment literature is US based and hence does not capture the full flavors of the jungle that is the Indian Equity markets.

This Book takes the analogy further and compares various facets of animal/bird behavior and applies it to the markets.

So you have chapters like Frozen Flamingo (on cyclicals), Kori Bustard (On Special Situations), City Monkeys (On Diversification) etc

The Book has lots of case studies and examples from the Indian markets which make it interesting.

One grouse I have of the Book is that the examples seem to have hindsight bias…it would have been nice if they were current ones.

The Book is written in a very light manner and is an easy read.

I would recommend this book to those starting out in the Indian Equity markets.

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