Book Review : Markets Never Forget

The Book ‘Markes Never Forget’ is written by Ken Fisher , the Billionaire Fund Manager and Lara Hoffmans.

The basic premise of the Book is that people don’t do enough homework to test their hypothesis or biases.If they go back in history, they would have found that markets would have behaved differently to their assumptions.

Some of the different assumptions he tackles are related to recessions, political biases, bull runs, volatility etc

Nearly all the data etc in the book are related to US markets and hence a bit of a bore.

The key takeway of the Book is “Go back in history and see how the markets behaved in similar conditions”

For example, if a new Govt is sworn in at the Center, go back and test how markets have behaved in the first year/second year etc. Or if you are a fan of a political party, check how the markets have behaved when they were in power . And so on…

I would give this book a miss…you can buy me a beer instead !

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