Migrationary Path

Hat Tip: Sami Seerangan

-Value Investor, Late Chandrakant Sampat

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I think the underlying fundamental is that it takes time to reinforce your brand equity and distribution strength and convert the same into sustainable moat in terms of profit margin and sustainable growth in sales and profitability. And this taking time or long term is finally reflected if one holds such stocks for a longer term means more than 10 years at least.

The example sucks.

Bangladesh has such wide penetration of razor products because it’s hot and HUMID. One needs to shave as frequently as necessary. Most of India isn’t that humid. Most guys can carry a stubble or beard quite comfortably.

You have to know the macro factors.

But Bangladesh is predominantly a Muslim country where keeping beard is a part of their tradition and therefore less people shave there as compared with say, a country like India – in terms per capita shaving in a month/year.

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