The Anil Ambani Show

Yesterday, Anil Ambani had a conference call where he briefed the media. There was no Q& A.

The full media release can be seen here

What I found most interesting was that nobody is willing to lend to an Ambani !

This media release lead to even more questions…..

And today, Investors got the shock of their life when they learnt the statutory auditors of Reliance Capital have resigned

Grab your popcorn folks, picture abhi baki hain !

One reply on “The Anil Ambani Show”

It is because of extremely high anger, arrogance and contempt against all the institutions and legal provisions.
Anil Ambani still feels that by giving media statements, he will be able to create an image of ‘being targeted’ and ‘victim’ of some mischief and therefore ‘should be pitied on’. Alas, it does not work like this in financial world. It may probably work sometimes due political world where the ‘victim’ game may bring ‘sympathy’ wave and catch some votes; but not in financial world.
This saga is of course extremely unfortunate but in all probability it is the end of the road for him. He has still not learnt any lessons of the hardship being faced.

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