Book Review: Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a Book written in 1943/1944 by George Orwell and is widely regarded as a Classic.

I had come across the Book in my student days but never got around to reading it.

I am glad I did so now.

The Book is about how animals on a Farm get tired of their human supervisors and overthrow them

They start with very lofty slogans of Equality, Fraternity etc but gradually one set of animals (pigs in this case) take charge and slowly but gradually things revert back to how they were

This Book is considered one of the most satirical pieces on Communism and hints at the Stalin-Trotsky fight in a very amusing way. The Book also has a reference to religion which I found funny.

The Book is relevant even today. In the Indian context, one can immediately relate it to the AAP party in Delhi who came to power on a clean platform only to become like the other political parties.

I would certainly recommend this Book to those interested in Classics and power politics.

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